• From Loretta Richens, Mediation Coordinator, Civil Court Mediation Program, Calgary (2008). “Ms. Varro has been a mediator with the Provincial Court Civil Mediation Program in Calgary since the program’s inception in September 1998. ……. Types of disputes included landlord/tenant matters, motor vehicles repairs, real estate purchases, construction disputes, breach of contract and quantum disputes.
    “Ms. Varro is a skilled and experienced mediator. She clearly explains the mediation process to disputants and creates a comfortable and trusting atmosphere for negotiations for take place. She listens to and understands peoples’ concerns and ensures that all participants have the right to speak equally. She is a very compassionate and outgoing individual……”
  • PHBIA Evaluations, Jim Willson, Instructor, AB Arbitration and Mediation Society Dec 2009: All coaches received great feedback and most aptly stated by one individual “all coaches were golden”.
  • From Negotiation Level 1, co-facilitated with Carey Patterson,  Mount Royal College Nov 2008: Great course, great instruction, great coaches.
    This is a fabulous course and I find the instructors and coaches easy to approach.  All teachers in this course were awesome!
  • Kathy Epp, private coaching client and AAMS student: My first meeting with Linda was, what I would state a “Success in itself”.  Right from the get go,  I knew she would be a great mentor.  I very quickly sought her expertise and invited her to my home for private mediation coaching.
    As a professional, Linda is very reliable, punctual and the follow-up reports that she provides me is that “Extra Mile”, I so appreciate in a service industry.  Her natural ability to make you feel comfortable is second to none.  I highly recommend her for coaching, but not until I’ve gained all of her expertise…sorry!
  •  Negotiating with Integrity (classroom version), MRU, June 2011 – Linda was very easy to understand; open discussion, class support, learning; Linda…really knew her stuff and made the material easy to understand. The basic language used ( adaptable) and the straightforward teaching from start to finish.
  • Feedback from Negotiation Skills Level 2, April 2015:  rated 3.83/4 on instructor addressed my concerns; rated 3.67/4 instructor gives timely feedback; rated 3.83/4 on instructor fosters an environment of openness and respect.
  •  Dealing with Anger Course in the Conflict Resolution Certificate, MRU Dec 2015:  The instructor communicates clearly – 100% of respondents rated agree- strongly agree ; instructor fosters an environment of openness and respect 93% rated agree to strongly agree ; instructor addresses my questions and concerns – 93% rated agree to strongly agree.
  •  Preventing Conflict Through Communication workshop for Real Estate Council of Alberta Jan/Feb 2015:
  • A student in Mediation Level 2 MRU, March 2012:  Just wanted to thank you again for your solid coaching and effective debriefing yesterday! Changes of routine and sometimes less-than-“extremely”-kind treatment of the mediator …. were all handled with grace and professionalism . . . really impressive!
  • From Dealing with Anger, Dec 2015, MRU: Rated 80% on agree-strongly agree for instructor is well prepared ; rated 100% on agree-strongly agree instructor communicates clearly ; rated 93% on agree-strongly agree on instructor fosters an environment of openess and respect; rates 99% on agree-strongly agree instructor gives timely feedback.  Comment:  Linda was amazing, (however) my expectation from the course was not met. The outline and course description didn’t match…Comment:  Linda Varro did her best with what the course was and even supplemented information she saw was lacking with her own handouts and suggestions for reading.  I really appreciated her.
  • From Negotiating with Integrity (online course), MRU, Spring 2016 – rated 92% agree-strongly agree on satisfied with the instruction in the course; rated 99%  agree-strongly agree on instructor knowledge about the subject area; rated 100% agree-strongly agree on instructor fosters an environment of openness and respect ; rated 92% agree-strongly agree the instructor communicates clearly.  Comments: I really liked the instructor, she’s available and her commentary is helpful and relevant.  Comment: She always answered my questions and concerns in a timely manner. And helped me understand what was being learned more clearly…..